Craft a Family Life You Love

by | May 1, 2023 | Connection, Parents | 0 comments

I am not a crafty person.  My sister Laurie is.  Even as a teen I was amazed how she could sew together a stuffed bunny rabbit, pictured here…and still so so cute,  or make her own lamp shade for an existing lamp that needed refreshing!  I am sure you know members of your family just like that too!  They have a gift!  Building a family life we love is also a gift but a secret is that We All Have the Gift to Build that Family Life That We Love…If We Choose!!!!

If there is one thing my patients in these last 40 years have taught me, is that there are only 3 important things in life:  Our Health, Our Family and Our Friends!  Beyond that, the rest is small stuff even though it doesn’t feel that way sometimes!  So what family life would you LOVE to have?  I am sure there are many things you already love about what you are doing as a family and there are probably other things that you would love to create or do better.  So this Holiday season, I invite you to craft a treasured gift for yourself and your family-reflecting on, writing down, and creating the Family Life you have always Dreamed it to be.  What is it that you Love about the life you have created for your kids…the meals, the atmosphere, the Holiday traditions, the sports events, the encouragement, the homework time, the “To Do List” time, the chores, the acknowledgement of what you appreciate about each other, the Family vacations, the service projects to help those in need, the time for oneself to nourish and renew whether going to the gym, being pampered at the spa, getting your nails done?

Our kids need to see that we value ourselves enough that we take good care of ourselves and then they know they are worth it too and it gives them permission to take good care of themselves.  Our kids will “listen” more to what we do than what we say and we are role modelling for them all the time and whether we notice it or not, they are noticing and taking note of us!!

So go ahead Mama’s and Papa’s, give yourself the Gift of your Dream Life this Holiday and maybe invite your kids to share their ideas for a Happy, Dream Life together as a family!  Choose one new thing for yourself and one new thing to do together…then let your Dream Life unfold and notice what happens!

To your Good, Better, Best Life through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!