Positive Steps Towards Healthy Eating: The Foundation of Good Health

by | May 1, 2023 | Prevention | 0 comments

Remember those days when your kids were first born and it finally hits you how tiny, vulnerable, and precious they are, I do, I remember it well and can totally relate to new parents who feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for this little baby along with the feeling that you want to do everything just right and not sure what that just right thing is! Just when I would figure things out, she would change and then I would be thinking, now what do I do?

When it comes to feeding your kids, I know that it can often feel this way too.  So I found a wonderful book that is one of my favorite resources for feeding kids when they are young.  It is a wealth of info of how to create a healthy food palette for kids!!  I wish that this book had been available to me when my daughter was young…I had to wing it!!  As my daughter started to grow and was very interested in cooking we would go to Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME and started taking Mother-Daughter cooking classes together!  It was here that Kelsey and I first listened to Eileen Behan RD who had worked at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston as a Nutritionist and then branched out on her own to develop her own business, for the Love of Food! Eileen has so many great ideas of foods and tips to help kids to enjoy eating healthfully.  This is a wonderful book for any family with kids from 6 months to Preschool!! Hope you get to take cooking classes with your kids too, it was one of my favorite memories with my daughter when she was young!