Spirituality: Living From Purpose

by | May 1, 2023 | Purpose | 0 comments

This month we continue on our Exploration of W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.- W.inning E.very L.iving day through L.ove N.utrition E.xercise S.erenity and now S.pirituality, our Soul Purpose in our Life! It is one of the strongest determinants that I have seen towards healing and resilience! In all of my work as a Clinical Oncology Nurse/ Nurse Practitioner. I have found that this gives me the greatest sense of someone’s overall prognosis and the vibrancy of their life!

I am sure you know people in your own life that have had a very strong connection to their life purpose and connection to the Universe/ God/ Spirit and have a true gift for living well and sometimes against all odds, because of that purpose. They are some of our greatest teachers!

In my life, I have many people who exemplify this quality! This month I would like to share with you one person whom I think is an exemplary woman with this strong Life Purpose and Spirituality, my dear friend, Marilyn Clements.

I first met Marilyn when I was taking her blood pressure. Most patients that I saw were very anxious before their appointments and their blood pressures were high. I noted that Marilyn’s was very low.  I asked her about this and she shared that she facilitated a meditation practice.  I got interested enough to want to explore what Marilyn was talking about and learn this meditation practice.

Over the many years I have worked with Marilyn, I have developed more openness to life and all that life is offering me each day. I find myself more accepting of the way things are, less reactive to the challenges that arise in each moment. I am less resistant to some of the emotions that I would have avoided and judged as anger, grief, fear, and more willing to allow the energies to move through me. There is a process that arises during this practice where emotions that have been blocked in the physical body are able to release and become freed up energies. This is very healing for body and mind and, for myself, I have found to be a very transformative practice.

Working with so many who have serious medical illnesses gives me a great appreciation of how helpful it can be to release any blocked energies held in the body and connect with our authentic Self. Living a life from this open perspective, we find peace with wherever we are and whatever circumstances we encounter in our life.   

This was immensely helpful to me when I became pregnant and Marilyn worked with me throughout my pregnancy. Marilyn encouraged and assisted women in natural childbirth. This she felt was very empowering for women. The practice of deep meditation was most helpful to me.

Marilyn was there for me and coached me through my childbirth experience. She provided the support and encouragement I needed as a first time mom. At one point in my labor, I felt that I could not endure the contractions any longer and she helped me to breath deep inside and continue to Believe That I Could Do It.  It turned out at that point I was in transition and my baby was born soon thereafter!  I was so thankful for her encouragement to continue the process!  She helped me to feel calm and to let go of any concerns throughout the contractions.  I felt SO Blessed and that I Had Received an Amazing Gift!   Marilyn was there for the birth of my daughter and helped me to have THE Most Amazing Experience in my life!!

As you can see, Marilyn is someone who has a deep connection to her life purpose, shares her gifts with others and, even at the age of 85, continues to have a full life as a strong, vibrant, grounded, authentic soul deeply in touch with her Feeling Sense and Life Purpose!  She lives her S.pirituality everyday! To see more of Marilyn’s work you can go to her website at https://www.marilynclements.com/

As Mom’s, it is a gift that we can give to our children, to help them connect to their S.pirit within and practice meditation so that it becomes a natural part of their life, as natural as brushing their teeth, getting dressed or eating. May you and your children connect to Spirituality and each one’s unique Life Purpose! To your Good, Better, Best Life through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.©.