Using Resources to Live the Good, Better, Best Life Through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.

by | May 2, 2023 | Champions of Change | 0 comments

Recently we heard in the news that the water in Flint, Michigan has been contaminated with lead due to a change in the water supply in an effort to save money.  While this is difficult to believe in the US, this is a good example of how we need to be more aware of our environment.  There are other situations out there, some as dramatic and some less dramatic.  As parents, we can use this as a teachable moment!

I wanted to share 2 fabulous Apps for Healthy living for your family as well as a Must Read Book for all parents who want to give their kids a chance at a healthier life for the long term!

1. Detox Me App gives tips on creating a green, non-toxic lifestyle at home and work. It will guide you through evidenced based strategies for assessing and modifying your lifestyle according to your goals for living an environmentally friendly lifestyle for you and your kids.  It was created by

2. WCPP Smart Scan App is a great complement to Detox Me as it will provide info about your environment- the food,beauty, cleaning or chemical products’ ingredients to list whether they are green/ safe, yellow/ caution or red/ potentially toxic. Created by Both are Free! Try them out and feel free to leave comments

3.   Book of the Month which confirms the info on the above 2 Apps is Living Downstream by Sandra Steingraber.  Sandra grew up in Illinois along a river that, unbeknownst to the community, had been a dumping ground for Dry Cleaning Chemicals.  Sandra only found this out after she was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer at age 19, when she was in college and did her own investigation into how she could have gotten this type of cancer.  It is a great read and Sandra weaves her experience and scientific knowledge into an easy to read book written in her signature poetic style…Great to read during the winter when we are often slowed down by the weather!  Enjoy!