Achieving Our Dreams and The Rio 2016 Olympics

by | May 2, 2023 | Purpose

The Olympics this year were so exciting and I was so proud of not only our US Olympic athletes but all the athletes that participated.  They always amaze me with their skill, amazing talents, perseverance, focus and positive attitude!!

One team that really impressed me was the US Women’s Gymnastics team with “Grandma Aly and Baby Simone”.  Aly is a young woman from my hometown of Needham, MA.   At 22, Aly was participating in her 2nd Olympics as Team Captain of the Women’s Gymnastics Team.  It was the Perfect Miracle as far as I could see!!  The Final Five were a diverse group that almost any girl could identify with.  Not all had a supportive or charming start to their lives but they all had someone that believed in them and helped them to pursue their dreams and they remained focused on their goal.  They all had amazing talent, a fun spirit, were focused on a common goal, were amazingly supportive of each other and led by one of the worlds greatest coaching teams, Martha and Bela Karolyi, who are also retiring!

Not all of our children will become Olympic Athletes but it is worthy to note what we can all learn from this Amazing Gold Medal Team.  Know thyself, find your passion, pursue your goals, practice, visualize, take good care of yourself and surround yourself with a  positive, supportive group and Believe!!

As Parents, we can be that Gold Medal Coaching Team for our kids with our own Practice/ Practice/ Practice!!