April 2024: Creating a garden or yard that nourishes your mind, body and spirit

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Serenity

Last month we talked about Planting the seeds of your garden. I hope that you were able to think about what you would love to grow this year that is not only reasonably easy to grow but also practical in terms of time commitment. I don’t know about you, but being very busy raising my daughter, working, going to graduate school several times over the years kept me quite busy so having a garden is something I would love to create but I need to start with something that is easy to manage!! This is my “prize child” hydrangea that I just let Mother Nature nurture. It is my favorite flower in my garden and this year the hydrangea flowers are incredibly beautiful. We seem to have just the right balance of rain and sun. I don’t do anything special to it, I just appreciate and bathe in its beauty as it brings a smile to my face every time I walk by! Most gardens involve much more work, but this is the best one for me at this time!

Katherine Lawrence, who I interviewed this month for our Spring Workshop series spoke about the transformational benefits of eating a wholesome, plant-based organic diet when she had severe endometriosis. It completely turned her health condition around and she cured herself through diet alone in addition to losing about 50 pounds. It made all the difference in her life, and she has since gone on to have 3 handsome boys. It was so inspiring to hear her story and it gives me hope, inspiration and courage for my own health challenges. I hope that it gave you Food for Thought and a pause about steps you could take towards your own good health, despite the challenges!!

Each one of us must decide what we would love for our life, what gives us life and energy to do the things we have a passion for in this lifetime whether it is surrounding our career or with our kids or a special vacation with the person that we love. As my mentor has taught me so well: Life is not meant for pain and suffering, it is meant for Happiness and Joy and Fun!! What a beautiful thought when the world seems to be on fire these days. It does suggest that sometimes we need to start by Believing that good health is possible, and our life is meant for Joy and Happiness! BRAVO!! YES, I say to that!

When we focus on self-care and nurturing our spirit towards what nourishes our soul, then we help to bring our Joy and our Light to the world and the more of us out here shining our light, the greater the chance that we can shift the energy of this earth towards the good and more Happiness and Peace in this world!

So I ask you, “Did you create your garden this year? Did you create a garden that is nourishing and life giving whether with vegetables or with beautiful flowers that please your senses? I hope that you found a small way or a big way to nurture your garden, whether it is the “garden within” or the garden of vegetables to nourish your body with bright, vibrant colors that provide those 400 phytochemicals found in green apples, sulforaphanes found in green leafy veggies, anthrocyanidins, found in blueberries or the anti-inflammatory properties of herbs like rosemary, oregano or garlic!

Here is to your good, better, best health through WELLNESS©-Winning Every Living day through Love, Nutrition, Exercise, Serenity and Spirituality!