Boston Marathon Month: Inspiration in Survival

by | May 2, 2023 | Survivorship

April in Massachusetts is so exciting for many reasons…spring is arriving and new life is being birthed, the snow is beginning to depart, days are longer and beginning to get warmer…time to start planting the seeds for the years veggie garden!  One of the most fun and exciting events though is the annual Boston Marathon!!  This year was special because it was the 3rd Anniversary of the Marathon bombing.  The Boston Marathon typically is a race that is characterized by runners raising money for a worthwhile cause….Martin Richard Foundation, Pediatric Cancer, Caring for a Cure, Dana Farber Jimmy Fund, and Autism Research are but a few noteworthy causes.  There are so many inspiring and heartfelt causes!  What keeps many of these runners going for 26+ miles is the thought of the person who they are running for, some of whom are surviving cancer.

One day, my hope is that we can run to Prevent Cancers!!  One of the best ways I know to prevent cancer is thru good nutrition.  If you want a book to use as a resource that I Highly Recommend try the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians edited by Neal Barnard MD – A Fantastic Book packed with evidenced-based nutrition recommendations to help with many types of medical conditions including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, kidney stones, asthma, otitis media, etc.  It also has info on general good nutrition guidelines.  It is my Go-To Resource Always! Have Fun!