Breast Cancer Awareness Month Living the Good. Better. Best. Life Through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.

by | May 1, 2023 | Survivorship

As a Mom and long time Clinical Oncology Nurse/ Nurse Practitioner, one of my most passionate goals, as a parent, is to keep my daughter healthy and cancer free for the Long Term.  I know that I only have the most influence in the first 18 years of her life but I also know these are some of the THE MOST IMPORTANT TIMES FOR LONG TERM HEALTH!!  What we eat in childhood, the exercise habits that we establish and the environments that we are exposed to set many of the risks for good health or disease throughout our entire life.   I am a human parent.  I do my best. I make mistakes. I learn. I readjust.   I try to improve my parenting skills and I try to develop better habits for the benefit of my daughter as well as myself.

This month, of Breast Cancer Awareness, I am thrilled to share that there is good news in the Breast Cancer Community for all of us who are working hard, and hopefully having fun, to give our kids a better life!   Dr Susan Love (Dr Susan Love Research Foundation) and Nancy Brinker  (Susan Komen Foundation) are collaborating to raise the bar to find the cause of breast cancer in the hopes of preventing it!!! They are launching a new digital service which can distribute videos and timely information about breast cancer and its ROOT CAUSE!!   For anyone who wants to help in this effort, I highly recommend enrolling in the HOW Study…Health of Women Study…an international online research study for women and men WITH and WITHOUT breast cancer…already over 52,000 have enrolled in this study!

For those who want to PREVENT Breast Cancer as well as SURVIVE with Breast Cancer, the two best things that I can suggest is to Eat Nutrient Dense Whole Foods as well as get 20 minutes of Aerobic (pumps up the heart rate) Exercise Every Day….for Life Long Health! Recommended Reading of the Month:

It has much useful information on Nutrition and Good Health!!