Building Fun and Traditions

by | May 1, 2023 | Connection

Don’t you just love the fall, it is full of fun and silliness, especially when it comes to Halloween and fall activities! From apple and pumpkin picking, to hikes in the woods when the leaves are turning colors to dressing up in a costume to go Halloween Trick or Treating! Oh, Mama’s to be a kid again and have the freedom to just be, enjoy, try on your favorite character for a night and then there is the candy!! 🙂 We all enjoyed our candy!

As parents, sometimes in celebrating with our kids it can bring us back to the fun and outrageous times we had growing up! Do you remember your favorite costume? I do remember being a witch one year and I loved it….I was a Salada tea bag another year and wore my favorite silly quote!!! Having fun and being silly is just as important for our kids as eating healthy, brushing the teeth and getting their rest….it is part of setting good neural connections in the brain and good habits of being!

So on Halloween, our neighborhoods become places for lots of fun and joy for our kids. Half the fun for our kids is thinking about what character they want to be and knowing that Mom or Dad will be making or buying a “new gift” for them to enjoy!!…Spiderman, Arielle the Mermaid, a Ninja, a Princess….it brings a smile just thinking about the Trick or Treaters knocking on the door shouting “Trick or Treat”, full of energy and excitement for the surprise that awaits them in the candy basket!!!! It is the one time in the year when my daughter and I would dump the candy out on the livingroom rug and indulge without guilt whatever candy she (or I) wanted to eat! As kids, it is so important to have family and cultural traditions that create fun and treasured memories. They last a lifetime and give life meaning and pleasure!

What traditions do you create in your family? What silly moments do you have for the holidays? What fun do you and your kids look forward to throughout the year? You may have some that you want to share on the Facebook, “Aurelie Cormier’s Wellness Parenting Page”. We all need fun in life, especially our kids. Hope you feel comfortable to share your own creative ideas for FUN!! Above all, wishing you lots of JOY, FUN and SILLINESS this Halloween!

To your Good, Better, Best Life through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.!