Connecting with Nature

by | May 1, 2023 | Connection

September is the season for the kids going back to school, students starting or returning to college or graduate school and parents to design a new schedule for the academic year.  While it can be very hectic, it can also be a wonderful season of new beginnings as we carve out a brand new schedule for the year!  It is often a season when the days are warm and nights increasingly cooler or frankly cold at times.  The leaves are changing color, the animals are preparing for the winter and collecting their seeds, nuts, acorns, etc to make it through another winter  season.  It is also a favorite time to visit farms, go apple and pumpkin picking, go on hay rides and pick up a favorite jar of honey or apple cider!

Connecting with nature is a wonderful way to appreciate the amazing treasures of our planet and our environment!  The Cycle of Life, the miracle of birth, the rhythms of our planet, ecosystem and universe.  The way that we take care of our environment and our food system is a reflection of our overall health.  Healthy, Happy Pigs; Healthy, Happy Chickens; Healthy, Happy Cows; Health, Happy

In his classic book, “Folks this Ain’t Normal” by Joel Salatin he reminds us that the food system we have developed in the later half of the twentieth century is not only not normal but not good for our health!  To be healthier, we need to return to the wisdom of our grandparents and great grandparents who respected the earth, grew local, often fresh, organic, sustainably in their own backyards to produce, whole, nutrient-dense fresh fruits and vegetables.  Every part of the ecosystem of the soil, the bugs, the worms, the animals, the crops are dependent on each other for a healthier soil, plant, egg, animal and environment.  So as you begin your new academic year, I hope that you will take the time to reflect about the quality of food that you want for yourself and your family.  Go out, connect with nature, visit a farm, pet a few cows, chickens and pigs, buy some fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and meats from the farm!  Come home and create a meal together with your kids.  It can be a great way to connect our kids to the food they eat and build an appreciation of the value of taking good care of our food system for our own benefit!  As a bonus you can create really fun memories for your kids!