Creating a Life That is Abundant in Health and Wealth

by | May 1, 2023 | Purpose

I am so excited to share with all in our W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.© Parenting Community an article Hot off the Press that I consider my other baby, besides my daughter! “Precautionary Principle: Cancer Prevention Efforts during Critical Periods of Growth and Development” in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing’s December 2019 issue!

This paper was a graduate school assignment at one time which I felt empassioned to publish. I am sure you can all relate to how we have a vision for our Dream Life, and many of these Dreams are birthed in childhood and crystallize in our Adult Life! Just like Walt Disney, no matter the obstacles or detours, we hold fast to that vision and see it become Real in our Life when we remain Focused on our Goal!

I have had a Passion for Prevention my whole life and in 1995, as one of my many roles as the Clinical Nurse Specialist for Women’s Health, I was also a Co-Director of a Breast Cancer Support Group named, “Building Bridges” at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT. It was at one of these twice monthly meetings that one of the attendees mentioned that there were so many young women with breast cancer in the Group that there must be something in the environment. At the time, we never talked about the environment. We told women they had breast cancer because they got their periods early, they went through menopause late, they delayed childbearing but we never talked about the environment despite the writings of Rachel Carson in her classic book, Silent Spring! Rachel Carson would go on to die of breast cancer several years after completing the book! The Environmental Movement was a Whisper in our world in the 1960’s but would take another 50 years to be born! Now it is screaming to all of us!!! My patients words put me on a quest to try to understand how cancers are born and while we have a better understanding we still do not know even today how cancers develop! I wish I could thank my patient today for the Gift of her Insight! It often takes personal experience to fully intuit what needs to be known!

Today, I am grateful for all my Cherished patients that I have cared for over the years who have taught me so much about Facing Life’s Challenges, Resiliency and Survivorship. The gift of Life and Health, of this day, the value of caring well for our bodies and being a good role model for our children while following our Passion and Soul Purpose to help make the world better step by step! After reading the article, I hope that you glean a few take aways and Action Steps that you can use to give yourself, your Family and Your Children the Gift of a Healthier and more Joyful Life! I would also be available to do a consultation for you and your family to give your kids a better chance for Life Long Health. Just go to “Contact Us” and send me an email to request a consultation-only $99 through December 2019! Makes a great Baby Shower or Christmas gift!

Giving Thanks during this Thanksgiving Season for my Daughter, Family, Friends and Community and sending all of you my Heartfelt Blessings for a Joyful Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble or for those who are vegetarian, Veggie Veggie!