December 2023 Creating the World of your Dreams

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Purpose

This picture that I took over Thanksgiving is a place of my childhood. It is a beach near the home where I grew up on Cape Cod. It feels like it is calling us to Dream of the Life We Would Love!

In our last blog I asked what do you Dream for yourself and your family? What would you love more of in your life? This is an important idea to ponder this season when the world seems to be on fire. No matter what is happening in the world, we CAN create the world that we would love and it starts with a Vision of what type of life you want to be living.

While at times it might feel impossible, I want you to stay with me here for a minute because it is actually quite possible! Yes, In order to get to that Life You Would Love, it helps to first write down or even draw what you would love. When visualizing this, remember to think about everything you would love if everything worked out exactly as you would want it. Hold nothing back, just brainstorm what you would love and trust that the Universe/ God/ Spirit wants to help you get there. Trust that you Can create that one step at a time. It is most important to Visualize what you want and BE the best person needed for that dream. If we want to be a musician, we must BE in the Vibrational energy of that musician.

Second, We must DO what is needed to get there. We must take the action steps needed to move towards that dream, such as practicing on the flute or violin or cello to be that musician we visualize.

Third, when we are BE-ing the person and DO-ing the things important to manifesting that dream, then we can begin to HAVE the life that we would love….This or something better still.

As an example, when my daughter was in Preschool, my dream was for us to live in a town with an excellent educational system. I loved this dream and visualized it every day. I started looking at homes and had put a bid on a home near the water. At work, people asked me why I wanted to live there, it would be too hard to work in a big city that was about an hour away especially if my daughter was going to be in daycare after school and I would need to pick her up. I absorbed their advice and continued to look, and reminded myself, “Yes, this or something better still”. Soon thereafter, my realtor found a home that was just what I wanted, was only about 20 minutes from work in a town with excellent school systems. The day we moved into that home, we arrived to find hand drawn pictures from the young children in the neighborhood welcoming us to the neighborhood. It felt like a good omen that God/ Spirit/ Universe had helped to manifest exactly what I was dreaming. Over time it has only gotten better and my daughter received a top-rate education. It has continued to be one of the best decisions I ever made born out of Dreaming, Visualizing and following the principles…BE-DO-HAVE!! If I could manifest my dream, you CAN too!! 🙂

It is true that we don’t always get exactly what we want but, if not, it means that there Is something better for us out there. God, Spirit, Universal Power has our back and wants to help us to build what we would love. It doesn’t mean it will happen instantaneously; it may take time to realize that ,however, there are forces that are working on our behalf to help us to manifest what we would love. Again, It means that First, we must BE the person for that vision. Second, we will need to DO the Action Steps needed to manifest that vision by remaining committed to them as we work towards that dream so that Three, we can HAVE what we would Love!

So what would you Love? I hope that you will take the time this month to Journal and write down 1 thing that you would love to manifest this year. Write it down with as much clarity and detail as possible. Then write down who you need to BE to manifest this dream-maybe someone who Believes that you CAN manifest this dream in your life, Trust that the Universe/ God/ Spirit is helping you and then write down the action steps you will need to get there to HAVE this dream come true! Trust in the process and visualize it everyday. I have found that it helps to put a note to myself on the wall so when I wake up in the morning I can remind myself of my beautiful dream! This or something better still…and so it is, Amen.

Let me know how you are doing and share with our Wellness© Parenting Community or send me an email if you would like support to work towards manifesting what you would love!

To your Good, Better, Best Life though Wellness! 🙂