Happy Mother’s Day

by | May 2, 2023 | Parents

May is a special month in the year because it is the month when we celebrate Mother’s Day!  I don’t think any of us will every forget the day our kids were born…To this day, I still consider it the Best Day of my Life!!!   So, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOM’S OUT THERE-For many moms, Every Day is Mother’s Day!!

What I often see in this world today, is that we Mom’s, both here in the US and all across the globe, work hard to give our kids a better life.   It is often said that we have Mama Bear instincts…we instinctively have a protective nature when it comes to our kids.

Today that protection comes in many forms.  When our kids are young, we try to guide them, teach them and protect them from bumped heads, scraped knees, bee stings, bicycle accidents, and bruised feelings, to name a few.    As they get older, it may be helping them to choose a safe route to school, avoid car accidents, cigarette, alcohol and drugs.    Today, it has become so much more complex, however, to know how to protect our kids with the introduction of the computer, intensive animal farming, and to one-stop-shopping grocery stores to name a few.  Some of these are beyond amazing; Some have introduced another set of challenges.

If you are like me, it has become more confusing today to know how to help our kids thrive in this evolving world and in what ways we need to help protect our kids from the many lifestyle factors which are affecting our health…from pesticides in our food supply such as the glyphosate sprayed on the GMO crops, to fossil fuel use and climate change and its impact on our future way of life, to BPA on our baby bottles or canned food liners to mercury in our fish.

In response, many Mom’s are connecting and building networks to protect our kids in ways that we did not envision before.   A few of these networks that come to mind are Mothers Out Front-Mom’s organizing for a healthy climate for their kids… Moms Across America-Mom’s dedicated to building non-toxic communities and GMO free foods….and the Savvy Women’s Alliance-Mom’s connecting to build awareness of the toxins embedded in our beauty supply and home products!!

Hopefully, some of the resources on this website will help empower you to have greater awareness of what you can do to keep your kids healthy for the long term.   One way to do this is to check out our new eStore and consider purchasing the Mindful Parenting Podcast series that you can download to your computer for life with lots of helpful info and tips on ways to keep your kids healthy or consider giving one as a gift!  As Mom’s, we can Build the Good Better Best Life for our kids Through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S. !!!