Heartful Living

by | May 1, 2023 | Prevention

February is the month many of us associate with Valentine’s Day! It is a beautiful Holiday to honor those we love and share cards, chocolate and treasured gifts and memories. This February we continue to explore the keys to building and maintaining a healthful Life through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S. The first step to creating this wonderful life is W.inning E.very L.iving day thru L.ove!

When we think of Love often we think of the people that we Love which can be like a coin such as a penny. There are two sides to a penny and thus with Love there can be two sides depending upon which direction you are looking. The Best side of Love can be full of support, encouragement, caring, kindness and compassion. A relationship like this is a testament that Every Day can be Valentine’s Day!!!! Often there are wonderful aspects of every relationship which build a strong foundation for the kind of relationship which brings out the best in us. Seems simple right? Often as with many aspects of life, it is not as straightforward as it seems.

In a human world, we all grow up with lessons to learn, in families with imperfect parents, and difficulties to overcome. It was easy for me to see the imperfections in My parents until I became a parent myself and realized I wasn’t a perfect parent either. This invites us to be gentle with ourselves, and as parents to be patient, nurturing and encouraging to the child within who needs love, understanding, kindness and compassion so that we are able to be the kind of parent our child/ren need us to be.

In my work with patients, I see everyday the results of how the ways in which we have love or ill-feelings towards ourselves can correlate with our health. When we love ourselves we are more likely to be good to our bodies, minds and spirits through healthful food choices, self-care, self-nurturing, healthful relationships or positive environments. When we have negative, hurtful or a self-loathing attitude towards ourselves either on a conscious and/or subconscious level, we can actually hurt the body through poor food choices, bad habits, difficult environments or relationships that sabotage our bodies health. Economic environments can also have an influence on these and yet they must also be viewed through an independent lens as economic wealth does not necessarily mean that one will develop a positive healthful lifestyle and being poor does not mean that one’s environment is devoid of a loving home presence, it is just more difficult to create a wholesome healthful environment with inadequate shelter, inadequate food and inadequate educational standards. Sometimes the difficult feelings or unresolved life experiences translate into poor health habits, poor choices, and dis-ease. The truth of the matter though is that as humans we were born with this wonderful, vibrant and loving spirit, it has always been there and it lives in us, we just need to connect with the inner core of ourselves that is good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, capable enough, loved enough…ENOUGH!

As parents, our purpose is to be the kind of parent our child needs us to be so that we can nurture the best in our children and help them to grow into their own purpose. We can do that best when we connect within with our loved and loving spirit while nurturing and being patient with those sides of ourselves that need to have a loving self-presence.

So in this month in which we focus and are W.inning E.very L.iving day thru L.ove, may we all feel and connect with the Heartfelt being within knowing that we are and always have been loved and cherished which then is reflected in the Love that we give to our children and others around us.

To your Good, Better, Best Life through W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.©