Pancreatic, Lung, Stomach, Carcinoid and Cancer Caregiver Awareness Month

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It takes a lot of strength, energy and resiliency to deal with cancer and its symptoms and its treatment. Cancer does not exist in a vacuum, however.   There is a whole network of family, children, friends, and community that extends their kindness, energy, strength, compassion and resiliency to help the person with cancer!  This month of the Thanksgiving Holiday, let us give Thanks and Acknowlegement to all those who CARE for the person with CANCER!  It could not be done without them!

October is Breast and Liver Cancer Awareness Months

There are so many researchers, non-profits,  and Breast Cancer Survivors who have been working for years to eradicate breast cancer!  There are about 12 or 13 different types of breast cancer and all require different approaches to treat.  Wonder if we worked just as hard to try to PREVENT breast cancer in the first place as we do to try to figure out how to treat it?  What do you think?

September; our kids are going back to school, a Fabulous summer is coming to a close and new energy is emerging!  

This month is the Granddaddy of Cancer Awareness Months!!!!  This month highlights Childhood Cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Leukemia/ Lymphoma and Mulitple Myeloma, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Thyroid Cancer!!  

WOW…that’s a mouthful.  Do you know what Cancers that are being diagnosed in your town are above average with what would be expected?   These are the ones in my area. Check out the ones in your area here.                                                                                      

Dover, MA: Thyroid, Melanoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma(NHL),Breast

Natick, MA: Brain, Bladder, Oral Cavity, Thyroid, Melanoma, Pancreas, Multiple Myeloma, Ovary, Larynx, Leukemia 

Needham, MA: Thyroid Cancer, Non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Melanoma, Larynx, Brain/CNS, Breast

Newton, MA: Thyroid, Oral Cavity, Testis, Melanoma, Brain, Breast, Kidney, NHL, Ovary

Wellesley, MA: Testis, Melanoma, Thyroid, Pancreas, Multiple Myeloma, NHL, Stomach, Bladder, Oral Cavity, Leukemia

Weston, MA: Stomach, Oral Cavity, Bladder, Melanoma, Thyroid, NHL, Pancreas, Breast, Kidney

There appears to be a high number of above average thyroid and melanoma cancers in our geographical area!  Some of these cancers are preventable with knowledge and simple lifestyle changes!   Imagine a world where we first and foremost work to prevent cancers. That is the world I work towards every day, what do you think?

August is only one of two months out of the year that doesn’t have Cancer Awareness so you choose what you would like to dedicate this month to! My vote is National Health Promotion Month!

What would you like your month to be dedicated to?