Seeking Wisdom: Tapping into the Energy of the Healer Within

by | May 1, 2023 | Champions of Change

This month has been particularly challenging for us in the US.  We are in the midst of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic which has had a huge impact on our economy and our daily lives.  If that wasn’t enough, on top of that we have a second “Pandemic” in which we are facing the longstanding issue of Racism in our country.  It is painful to watch and to feel and yet it is a moment that requests of all of us to bring this issue out into the light as it has been held in silence for too long.  I do Believe with my Whole Heart that these moments of Challenge can be our Greatest Moments of Opportunity for Change, for Transformation and most importantly for Resolution and Healing. 

As an Irish-American, I can’t know the pain of dealing with systemic racism against those of black, brown, or Native American background.  I can empathize though and I can do my part to help with the healing that needs to occur for us to be a nation and society that values All Races, All Cultures, All Nationalities, All Religions, All Genders and Ethnic Backgrounds.  As Mahatma Ghandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”.  I know that it starts with ME!  I know that it is an important discussion to have with my daughter, who is now in college, and for all parents to have with their children, no matter how young or how old if we are ever to heal the wounds of Racism.   Most importantly, that we Role Model what it means to be a person who is Kind, Compassionate, Respectful and Inclusive.  

In that vein, I want to dedicate the next 6 months to exploring all those who have been using their gifts and talents for healing in our world whether healing the heart, healing from a scraped knee as a 2 year old may, healing from the loss of a grandparent as some of our children will in this year, healing from COVID-19, healing from cancer, or from discrimination and racism.  I want to take a look at those who have so much practice, experience and wisdom with our parenting community about how to help ourselves to heal as well as to help others to heal. 

The first healer I want to highlight is a woman named Laurel Blaine.  She started as a Certified Elementary Education Teacher and then she co-founded her own Curriculum design company where some of her clients included PBS, NPR, Smithsonian, and Cooper-Hewitt to name a few. When I think of those who have a healing gift and who teach children how to use their “healer within”, Laurel was the first person that came to mind. Laurel has been using Qigong to help others to heal as well as to teach and empower children to learn what they can do to help themselves to heal or to help their brothers, sisters, friends, moms and dads to feel better.  Laurel discovered Qigong 9 years ago and became a Certified Qigong and Qi-ssage Trainer and Practice Group Leader of Spring Forest Qigong as well as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach .  She also teaches people about Meditation and works with young children including her own children and grandchildren.  As a matter of fact, each week, they make time to practice Qigong together via the computer as her grandchildren with their parents live in various states.  She has taught them how to send positive energy to themselves or to anyone to help them have an open flow of vibrant energy.  As an example, she taught both her granddaughters how to send positive energy to their mom when she was in the hospital in labor so that she would have a quick and easy delivery of their baby brother. In this way, she helps her grandchildren to naturally use the tools of their own caring and heart-felt energy to help anyone to feel better!  What a beautiful gift!! 

Laurel knows that this energy and these practices are available to everyone and as parents we can teach our children when they are young so that it becomes as natural as brushing their teeth or washing their face to using the power of one’s own heart to help ourselves and each other to heal.  There is no cost and it has immense rewards!   It can be used anytime and anywhere to create more Peace, Joy, Happiness, Groundedness and Love in this world!!  As Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong says, “the most powerful healing energy in the world is Unconditional Love”!  So True and So Powerful!  As Laurel has taught her young grandchildren, We Do Have the Power Within Us to heal each other through the Unconditional Love of our hearts. In order to do this we need to ensure that we help ourselves to tap into the strength and wholeness of our own self-care so that our own Spiritual Bank and Spiritual Parenting Bank are full and balanced.  This month let us tap into that Power Within, to nurture ourselves so that Collectively we can be the Healing Energy the World Needs NOW and the Good Role Models for our Children to Help to Heal the Wounds of Racism and Be the Change for the world we all share.   You can contact Laurel for Consultation or Teaching by emailing her at