The Hope of a True Radical Remission

by | May 1, 2023 | Prevention, Survivorship

 This month is National Melanoma and Skin Care Awareness Month.  We are now in that time of year when we all need to be thinking about protecting our skin and our eyes more through sunscreens and sunglasses as we have warmer days with more sun and we spend more time outdoors.  Sometimes it feels like another task to do but our guest this month can share with all of us that it is a practice worth making a part of our daily habits, especially when our kids are small.  Bailey O’Brien has a Remarkable story to share that I think many will find inspiring, courageous, hopeful and most of all motivating! 

Bailey grew up like many kids in the US today.  She had a wonderful loving family, got good grades, enjoyed sports, gymnastics and math and worked during the summer teaching sailing at a summer camp and had several sunburns.  After high school graduation she went away to college and that is where her typical American teenage experience diverged.  As a freshman in college, at the age of 17, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Malignant Melanoma.  She had the standard treatments available at the time including surgery and interferon and when it came back 2 years later she had surgery and radiation therapy.  When her radiation was complete, it was 2 weeks before her melanoma started to progress again.  She looked for a miracle at that point and prayed to God for one.  She had much support from her family who helped with researching other treatment options and there were a community of people praying for her.

 As she took active steps to empower herself in finding a treatment that might work for her, she met a doctor who had been doing research on antiviral medications and melanoma. The doctor reported that she had seen some response from a particular antiviral medication and suggested that she could try the medication.  Bailey was happy to find that within a month, she had started to see a response.  Bailey and her family, after much research, found another clinic which did much research on patients by employing the Gerson Method and making radical changes to their diet.   Bailey got the miracle that she had been praying for.  After completing the protocol and staying committed to the Radical Changes in her diet, Bailey returned to Boston to see her oncologist and have follow up scans where she had a complete remission of her Stage IV melanoma. 

 Bailey is now a 9 year survivor of Stage IV Malignant Melanoma, and has found her purpose through her own Radical Remission.  She has her own business where she counsels and coaches other cancer patients to empower them with resources and steps to give them a better chance for their own healing!!  I am sure you will agree, Bailey is a Remarkable young woman and feels that it was the antiviral drug PABA, the Gerson Method and a deep trust in God through Prayer as well as a community of others praying for her which helped with her own healing.   She has been featured in Kelly Turner PhD’s book, Radical Hope, and Kelly’s docuseries, Radical Remission!  If you are interested in finding out more about Bailey or contacting her for individualized coaching you can go to her website @  or by emailing her at  She has a wealth of resources to help anyone trying to heal from cancer!